debut album

Is it Jazz? Is it Broadway? Is it Pop?... Arina's music is strange, but in the most beautiful way. This person has a lovely quirkiness, craziness, whimsical thing to her that is really charming. She's just waiting for the bigger stage. She's gonna go nuts!” - Alain Mallet
Arina is a fantastic talent! Her singing and composing is passionate and grounded in many traditions. She exudes music with a sense of curiosity and exploration, while being confident and personable. With every setting I’ve seen her in, she has yet to disappoint!” - Terri Lyne Carrington


Introducing Bagarisha (Arina Bagaryakova), a Russian-born, NYC-based alternative jazz artist.

With musical influences from Billie Holiday, Djavan and Björk to Radiohead, and Kate Bush, Bagarisha blends ethereal vocals with a unique Russian twist influenced by nostalgic Soviet melodies. 

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