Is it Jazz? Is it Broadway? Is it Pop?... Arina's music is strange, but in the most beautiful way. This person has a lovely quirkiness, craziness, whimsical thing to her that is really charming. She's just waiting for the bigger stage. She's gonna go nuts!” - Alain Mallet
Arina is a fantastic talent! Her singing and composing is passionate and grounded in many traditions. She exudes music with a sense of curiosity and exploration, while being confident and personable. With every setting I’ve seen her in, she has yet to disappoint!” - Terri Lyne Carrington


Introducing Bagarisha (Arina Bagaryakova), a Russian-born, NYC-based alternative jazz artist.

With musical influences from Billie Holiday, Djavan and Björk to Radiohead, and Kate Bush, Bagarisha blends ethereal vocals with a unique Russian twist influenced by nostalgic Soviet melodies. 

Bagarisha’s music is inspired by endless contrasts—everyday melancholy and joy, dreams and reality, good and evil. She always carries the pervasive idea of "Svet" or Light in her heart, noting that Light comes both from the Sun and from the Moon and encouraging her listeners to tune into their inner Light and act with compassion. 

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